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Competition MannekenthilefPostcardPostcardOstende plage. 1896Information Anonymous visitor17 septembre 1896
Competition MannekenhoeckPostcardPostcardTermonde. Prudens Van DuyseInformation Anonymous visitor17 Octobre 1898
Competition Mannekencollet268PostcardPostcardAnvers. Litho Multivue Palais du roi, laInformation Anonymous visitorConcours anvers 12 Juillet 1896
Competition Mannekenbury1384PostcardPostcardHeyst. Litho multivue. Pêcheur,pêcheuse,Information Anonymous visitorConcours Heyst 28-7-1899
Competition Mannekencollet268PostcardPostcardBruxelles.Manneken-Pis,Maison du Roi,HôtInformation Anonymous visitorConcours 2 Nov Bruxelles 1892
Competition MannekenNostalgiaPostcardPostcardCourtrai. Les Petites HallesInformation Anonymous visitor28-10-1897
Competition MannekenNostalgiaPostcardPostcardHeyst-sur-Mer. Multivue 1895Information Anonymous visitor12-8-1895
Competition Mannekencollet268PostcardPostcardTypes guerriers de la province équatoriaInformation Anonymous visitorConcours. Anvers 24 mai 1894 (sans cachet)
Competition MannekenNostalgiaPostcardPostcardBlankenbergen. Multivue 1895Information Anonymous visitor12-08-1895
Competition MannekenNostalgiaPostcardPostcardJalhay. Barrage de la Gileppe - VerviersInformation Anonymous visitor20-09-1895
Competition MannekenNostalgiaPostcardPostcardDinant. Rocher Bayard (1894)Information Anonymous visitor29-07-1894
Competition Mannekendarcis736PostcardPostcardSouvenir de Bruxelles. Pianistes de rueInformation Anonymous visitor1899
Competition Mannekendarcis736PostcardPostcardMarchienne au Pont. L'EgliseInformation Anonymous visitorCachet 23-8-1900
Competition Mannekendarcis736PostcardPostcardSpa. Source de la SauvenièreInformation Anonymous visitorCachet 22-7-1896
Competition Mannekendarcis736PostcardPostcardEsneux-s/Ourthe. Precurseur. Panorama veInformation Anonymous visitorCachet 17.7.1898
Competition Mannekendarcis736PostcardPostcardEsneux-s/Ourthe. Precurseur 25 juin 1900Information Anonymous visitorcachet 25 juin 1900
Competition MannekenTemmerman000PostcardPostcardSt Lievens Hauthem. Hauthem-St-Liévin. DInformation Anonymous visitor21 juillet 1902
Competition MannekenNostalgiaPostcardPostcardHarlebeke. Rue de Gand - GentstaatInformation Anonymous visitor13 mei 1902
Competition MannekenNostalgiaPostcardPostcardRuysselede. Stoom-Melkerij - Laiterie à Information Anonymous visitor20 Augsutus 1902
Competition MannekenNostalgiaPostcardPostcardGrand panorama. Vue de la Meuse à NamurInformation Anonymous visitor12 sept 1896
Competition MannekenNostalgiaPostcardPostcardSpa. Multivue, Pouhon, Casino, Cascade dInformation Anonymous visitor5 Mars 1890 ?
Competition MannekenNostalgiaPostcardPostcardGezicht op de Maesbrug te MaesyckInformation Anonymous visitor15 nov 1898

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