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City or place nameFrCityDuCityGeLanguagePostcodeProv.CountryCity typeCity comment
UccleUkkelCity language Bi1180BrusselsBelgiumCurrent Commune*
Quatre-Bras(de Tervuren)Vierarmenkruispunt3080Vlaams BrabaBelgiumHameau
Vivier d Oie(Oye)DiesdelleCity language Bi1180BrusselsBelgiumLocal Placequartier d Uccle
SchurhovenSchurhovenDutch3800LimburgBelgiumHameauvoir St-Trond
La HayeDen Haag of 's GravenhageDutch2491Zuid-HollandNetherlandsCurrent Communecodes postaux:2491 à 2599
ZaandamZaandamDutch1500Noord-HollanNetherlandsCurrent Communevoir Zaanstad
's Gravenwezel's Gravenwezel2970AntwerpBelgiumOld communevoir/zie Schilde
's Herenelderen's Herenelderen3700LimburgBelgiumvoir Tongres-deelgemeente van Tongeren
't Hoge't HogeCity language Du8900West FlanderBelgiumSimple place
't Molentje't MolentjeCity language Du8340West FlanderBelgiumSimple place
Fouron-le-Comte's Gravenvoeren3798LimburgBelgiumOld communevoir/zie Voeren
Aix-la-ChapelleAachenAachen99999Nordrhein-WeGermanyCurrent Commune241300 habitants
AaigemAaigemCity language Du9420East FlanderBelgiumOld communevoir/zie Erpe-Mere
AalbekeAalbekeCity language Du8511West FlanderBelgiumOld communevoir/zie Kortrijk
AlostAalstCity language Du9300East FlanderBelgiumCurrent CommuneOvl
Aalst(Brustem)Aalst3800LimburgBelgiumOld communeBrustem ;parfois Aelst
AaltebeiAaltebeiCity language Du9881East FlanderBelgiumSimple place
AalterAalterCity language Du9880East FlanderBelgiumCurrent Commune*
AalterbrugAalterbrugCity language Du9880East FlanderBelgiumSimple place
AandenkotAandenkotCity language Du8972West FlanderBelgiumSimple place
AanwijsAanwijsCity language Du8730West FlanderBelgiumSimple place
AarleAarleCity language Du2382AntwerpBelgiumSimple place
AerschotAarschotCity language Du3200Vlaams BrabaBelgiumCurrent Commune*
AarseleAarseleCity language Du8700West FlanderBelgiumOld communevoir/zie Tielt

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