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List Search Place located in the country Belgium being part of the state of West Flanders (551)
City or place nameFrCityDuCityGeLanguagePostcodeProv.CountryCity typeCity comment
't Hoge't HogeCity language Du8900West FlanderBelgiumSimple place
't Molentje't MolentjeCity language Du8340West FlanderBelgiumSimple place
AalbekeAalbekeCity language Du8511West FlanderBelgiumOld communevoir/zie Kortrijk
AandenkotAandenkotCity language Du8972West FlanderBelgiumSimple place
AanwijsAanwijsCity language Du8730West FlanderBelgiumSimple place
AarseleAarseleCity language Du8700West FlanderBelgiumOld communevoir/zie Tielt
AartrijkeAartrijkeCity language Du8211West FlanderBelgiumOld communevoir/zie Zedelgem
AbeeleAbeeleCity language Du8970West FlanderBelgiumSimple place(parfois Abele) zie/voir Poperinge
AbeleAbeleCity language Du8870West FlanderBelgiumLocal PlaceQuartier/Wijk de/van Izegem
AdinkerkeAdinkerkeCity language Du8660West FlanderBelgiumOld communevoir/zie De Panne
Albert-PlageAlbert-StrandCity language Du8300West FlanderBelgiumSimple place
AlveringemAlveringemCity language Du8690West FlanderBelgiumCurrent Commune*
AnzegemAnzegemCity language Du8570West FlanderBelgiumCurrent Commune*
ArdooieArdooieCity language Du8850West FlanderBelgiumCurrent Commune*
AssebroekAssebroekCity language Du8310West FlanderBelgiumOld communevoir/zie Brugge
AvekapelleAvekapelleCity language Du8630West FlanderBelgiumOld communevoir/zie Veurne
AvelgemAvelgemCity language Du8580West FlanderBelgiumCurrent Commune*
BaliebruggeBaliebruggeCity language Du8020West FlanderBelgiumSimple place
BavikhoveBavikhoveCity language Du8531West FlanderBelgiumOld communevoir/zie Harelbeke
BeauvoordeBeauvoordeCity language Du8630West FlanderBelgiumOld communevoir/zie Veurne
BeerBeerCity language Du8750West FlanderBelgiumSimple place
BeernemBeernemCity language Du8730West FlanderBelgiumCurrent Commune*
BeerstBeerstCity language Du8600West FlanderBelgiumOld communevoir/zie Diksmuide
BeisbroekBeisbroekCity language Du8200West FlanderBelgiumSimple place
BeitemBeitemCity language Du8800West FlanderBelgiumSimple place

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